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If you’re not already following us on Instagram, maybe it’s time to start. Here are 11 reasons to follow us on Instagram and let us help you find your travel bliss in the Hunter Valley.

1) You’ll see breathtaking photos of everything from Wineries, Restaurants and Things to do.

2) To discover the best places to eat and drink in the Hunter Valley. 

3) You’ll get a taste of the local cuisine by seeing pictures of beautiful, culturally-inspired dishes.

4) To get inspired for your next vacation

5) Take the opportunity to have your travel photos featured on our Instagram account. Just tag your posts with #huntervalleyguide so we can see and share them!

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7) Its FREE

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9) Because everyone wants great food and great wine!

10) To support our local community and to help grow business after the recent tourism downturn. 

11) Because you're really nice and we look forward to meeting you in the Hunter Valley. 

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Want the best way to plan your next Hunter Valley Trip? Download our FREE app and you can find close Hunter Valley Accommodation, Wine Country Wineries, best restaurants, great activities and even goes into searching by wine type and tasting fees.

Brochures are in the past! It's now on your phone with a mobile app to help you plan your Hunter Valley trip. 

The Hunter Valley has many great choices of wineriesrestaurantsaccommodation and things to do, and we saw a need for a one stop place to list all the best places. Get the most out of your trip while you're here. 

We invite our overseas visitors to preplan your Hunter Valley trip, before you arrive and bookings can be made from the app.

Once you have downloaded the app from your App Store, click sign up and it will ask you your name, phone number and password. Once you have signed up, the app will load. Once the Hunter Valley Guide App loads, you will see four main menu options at the bottom. These include Explore, Wine, Bike Hire and Play. 

Explore - Includes Stay (Accommodation), Eat (Restaurants), Pairings (Food and wine Pairings), Beer, Distilleries, Bars, Weddings, Transport, Taste (Cheese, Chocolate, Olives and Produce), Activity Centres and Services (such as Petrol Stations, Chemists and Grocery Stores. 

Wine - Includes Wineries, Wine Tours, Wine Varieties, Our Recommendations (best of the best), How to taste Wine, Tasting Fees, Sample Wine Tours, Food and Wine Pairings, Wine Quiz, Vineyard Tours, History and Tourism Groups.

Ebike Hire - Section Includes Home Base, Hotel Bikes, Book a bike, Wine Pick up, Food and Wine Map, Getaway Video, Bike Tours Suggestions, Waiver and Terms and Conditions. 

Play - Includes Hot Air Balloons, Planes & Helicopters, Golf, Art Galleries & Antiques, Hunter Trikes, Bike Hire, Wine Activities, Gift Shops, Gyms and Spas, Cooking Schools and Whats on including concerts & events

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