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Hunter Valley Corporate Packages


Ready for some Team Building FUN!

God! If I ever have to do another boring Corporate day, I will not be able to cope. With a background in the corporate world, I have built many bridges and pretended to like other staff at "team building" days with only looking for ways to get out of it and literally wishing I could melt into the corner with many of the clear dominant personalities coming out. And to be honest, this is what other staff feel but are too scared to tell the owner eg (they even have names) the Dove - who gets along with everyone and doesn't rock the boat, the Eagle who flys high but everyone detests as they are just  too perfect and the Peacock, who flutters in the corner making noise oh and the Kookaburra, who is loudly saying the right answer but no one is listening to. These personality traits can all be really useful in the work place but learning how to work with them and what motivates them, is the secret.

Now as a business owner, I understand its a huge cost to businesses to try and encourage their staff, but sorry its not working as you try and ask them as "Fun". I think what most "team building" days miss, is that their should be a point. Lets be real, we do it to get our staff to work together and communicate better in the work place and your high achievers need to know, "Why".


Then, I thought - who better to design a day than the person that hated them more than anyone.  lol I actually loved my job but didn't understand the point of building a bridge but I blame this on the execution. Let us look after your Corporate Needs and your goals at Sutton Estate.  

You can now book your corporate packages online . Corporate Packages are open 7 Days 

#Choose the Package Deal for your team! 




**Package 1**

- 2 hour experience

- Min 10 pax - 20 max 

- $90 per person 

- Escape Room & Axe Throwing 


**Package 2**

- 2 hour experience

- Min 10 pax - 20 max 

- $90 per person 

- Includes Smash Room & Escape Room 


**Package 3**

- 2 hour experience

- Min 10 pax - 30 max 

- $90 per person 

- Includes Axe Throwing & Smash Room 


**Package 4**

- 3 hour experience

- Min 20 pax - 30 max 

- $135 per person 

- Includes Axe Throwing, Smash Room & Escape Room


**Package 5**

- 1 hour experience

- Min 30 pax - 50 max 

- $45 per person 

- Please Note

- Includes dividing the group between Axe Throwing, Smash Room, Wine Escape Room and Chocolate Escape Room for one hour.


**Package 6**        

- 2 hour experience

- Min 10 pax - 20 max

- $90 per person

- Includes the Wine Escape Room & Chocolate Escape Room

**Package 7**

- Romantic Package

- 3 Hour Package (please allow extra time to enjoy your cheese and wine platter)

- Min 2 pax - 5 max

- Includes your choice of 3 activities including Smash Room, Wine Escape Room, Axe Throwing, Chocolate Escape Room or 1 hour Bike Hire.

- Includes picnic lunch per person onsite, block of local Chocolate and bottle of Sparkling Wine to share. For group sizes 4 to 5 people will receive 2 blocks of Chocolate and two bottles of Sparkling Wine.

- $195 pp

- Bookings by phone please call Pip to make your selections and book 0429 088 020

**Package 8**

- Stay, Ride and Play Package

- Stay at one of our recommended hotels that bikes are available such as Leisure Inn and Cypress Lakes.

- Min 2 pax - 10 Max 

- Includes min 2 nights accommodation

- Bike Hire for one full day from your hotel reception

- Includes your choice of one activity at Sutton Estate with the choice of Smash Room, Wine Escape Room, Axe Throwing and Chocolate Escape Room.

- Includes cheese platter, block of local chocolate and bottle of sparkling wine at Sutton Estate.

- Subject to availability

- Please phone for bookings and pricing Glenn 0448600288

We do cheese and wine packages that can be purchased online. They are suitable for 3 people, so if you have 10 people please order 3.  If your looking for lunch try Nineteen at Chateau Elan that's at the end of our road or 4 Pines Resort. 

Packages are available on the web site to book and we look forward to hosting your special event.

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices. 


Please note- If your a group under 15 we will put you in the same activity together. Groups over 15 will be split between activities

​Team building is the process of increasing a team's cohesiveness, productivity, and efficiency by coming up with activities that require members to work together. This process relies on a range of aspects to guarantee its success


Team building brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Team building in the workplace is the process of creating a team that is cohesively working together towards a common goal. The importance and main purpose of team building is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections.

At Sutton Estate, we understand what your business is wanting to achieve by asking you. We will tailor your package to suit your needs to help your staff work together and have some productive FUN!

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