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Wine Escape Room


Ready for some Wine Tasting

Summary -
Dr Wealdo has completely lost his mind. He has become crazed and highly unpredictable. Your mission is to find the immortal wine and escape, before he returns. You will be fully briefed before you start your experience and after, we provide a debrief of how you went.

Cost -
$60 per person for 2 - 4 guests
$50 per person for 5 - 10  guests

Up to 10 guests

Age - 10 upwards. Must be with parent if under 18

Not suitable for kids under 10

Disclaimer -  

This Escape Room has dark and scary elements. Not for the faint hearted or people with phobias. We have the Chocolate Escape Room that may be more suitable. 

Escape rooms are the most popular phenomenon in the world where their are a variety of puzzles and clues that you need to figure out to escape. Come and visit our wine escape room and experience wine tasting and a story line that is top secret.

​"An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of "escape the room" video games.

​At the Wine Escape Room, we host real life escape games which are fun and engaging live action activities which take place in our specially designed room. Suited for small groups of 2-15 people, you and your team will be given a back story that includes an objective, and you will only have 60 minutes to complete your mission and escape the room. To do all that, you will need to work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles that will test your logic, lateral thinking and ingenuity. 

We have a variety of puzzles planted in our rooms. These include puzzles that require your powers of observation, some that involve a need to search, some that need a bit of logic and deduction, and some that require a little physical skill and a love of wine helps.

Our Escape Room includes a wine tasting activity and wine smelling activity of some of the best wine in the Hunter Valley.

There is a "door of shame" if you have the need to leave and you can at any time.

We decided to do a wine theme as we are in the heart of the Hunter Valley and we love the area and what it offers. We wanted guests the opportunity to learn a little about smelling and tasting wine and also work together as a team to escape the room to the prize of the ....... Can't tell you too much but there is a story line that will intrigue you and you have 60 minutes to find a treasure and escape!

Phones and cameras are NOT allowed. Waiver needs to be signed before you enter and terms and conditions agreed to.

We love hosting your event and will do our best to make it a fun, memorable day. We have done Hens parties with a letter from the future husband in one of the safes, a birthday message as a clue or a thank you from a boss stating the value of employees. This is your special day and we look forward to hearing your request. 

People under 18, are the same price at the Escape Room and we give them a bottle of water, instead of wine. We are RSA accredited and follow our regulations. 

Need a transfer to and from Sutton Estate - We can assist. We recommend Luckys Transfers and you can call him direct on 0458 079 232  for quote.

Please note - Time starts at the time of booking. If you are late the time will come off your hour. If you are more than 30 mins late, you will forfeit your session. 

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